Japanese grill with South American influences. Like tapas of an Asian grazing menu, you can order as many or as few dishes as you wish. These dishes are great for sharing.

An IZAKAYA rule - it's always worth trying at least one dish that you never had before.


Small dishes, also great to accompany your drink.

  • black & white leeks
  • toro tartar on ‘momori ice bowl’
  • spicy peruvian tuna on chips
  • salmon & avocado ceviche
  • seabream and grapefruit ceviche
  • slow cooked ribs
  • padron peppers
  • tomato ceviche
  • baby spinach salad with grilled shrimps
  • chicken skewers with anti-cucho sauce
  • chimichurri beef skewers
  • king crab cake with rocotto
  • oyster filo with creamy wasabi & beluga caviar
  • crispy rice with spicy tuna tartare
  • honey melon & iberico skewers with yuzu kosho

Sashimi Izakaya style

Different kinds of Sashimi combined with exotic spices and dressings, perfect for those not too familiar with raw fish.

  • seabream sashimi with korean salad and spice
  • john dory ‘kombujime’
  • seabass ‘usuzukuri’
  • salmon, yellowtail and seabass sashimi’s with yuzu soy, ginger & chives
  • seabass sashimi with extra virgin olive oil & dry miso
  • beef tataki with onion ponzu & garlic chips
  • yellowtail sashimi with huancaína sauce and passionfruit salsa
  • sashimi set

Little Parcels of Asian delight

  • wagyu & foie gras gyoza
  • scallop & truffle suimai


Seafood or Vegetables in light Japanese batter.

  • crispy soft shell crab with mango & chili lime dressing
  • corn tempura
  • pop shrimp tempura with creamy curry sauce
  • dover sole karage
  • chilean seabass tempura
  • zucchini tempura with jalapeño aioli
  • amazu king crab tempura

Sushi Izakaya style

  • unagi & foie gras roll with green apple
  • slow cooked short ribs roll
  • crispy soft shell crab roll
  • spicy tuna roll
  • momo roll with tuna, salmon, seabass, avocado & tarragon miso
  • foie gras & chives roll
  • lobster & mango roll with creamy wasabi
  • alaskan king crab roll
  • crispy duck roll
  • salmon, avocado & asparagus roll
  • asparagus & avocado roll
  • shojin vegetarian sushi
  • temari sushi

Sushi in soy bean paper

  • king crab
  • shrimp tempura
  • corn tempura

Aburi nigiri & nigiri sushi

  • salmon with tomato caviar
  • wagyu with yuzu kosho
  • toro nigiri

Osusume from the heart...

  • beef short ribs with black beans & garlic
  • lobster, king crab & avocado salad
  • crunchy octopus with quinoa salad
  • baby squid with yellow jalapeño dressing
  • unagi & foie gras with apple balsamic
  • chilean seabass with black beans, ginger & chives
  • soy braised duck with green apple & foie gras
  • seabass paupiette
  • dover sole with red chilli shiso salsa

Wagyu paella


Japanese Izakaya Grill

  • lobster wasabi & pepper sauce
  • king crab karashi-su miso
  • jumbo jurassic prawns with spicy yuzu sauce
  • sirloin
  • rib eye
  • beef tenderloin
  • japanese wagyu grade a3, 1 unit = 100 grams
  • spring chicken with truffle teriyaki

Seasonal vegetables

  • grilled asparagus
  • grilled eringi mushrooms
  • sautéed pak choi
  • grilled corn robatayaki with spicy shiso butter ponzu
  • roasted truffle cabbage


Izakaya signatures

  • russian spring punch Grey Goose, Cassis, Lemon, Raspberries & Champagne
  • lycheeshu Shochu, Lychee Liqueur, Yuzu Sake & Lime
  • cucumber sake-tini Hendricks, Sake, Lime, Sugar & Cucumber
  • messed words Mezcal, Maraschino, Green Chartreuse & Lime
  • drunkey kong Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, Crème de Bananes, Lime, Tio Pepe, Almond & Ginger Ale
  • cucumber sake-tini Hendrick’s Gin, Kizakura Junmai Sake, Lime, Sugar & Cucumber
  • neena Patron Reposado, Grapefruit Juice, Lime, Agave & Bitters
  • tahona Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, St. Germain, Lime, Ginger Syrup & Coriander
  • the one that got away Buffalo Trace, Ruby Port, Campari & Black label
  • amaterasu Bombay Sapphire, Grapefruit, Lemon & Basil
  • geisha martini Bombay Sapphire & Sake cordial
  • cocktail of the week Ask the waiter for our weekly change

Izakaya twists

Twists on the classics that you already know and love

  • red sangria Tempranillo Wine, Henessy Vs, Ottoman Syrup, Lemon & Black Tea
  • summer daiquiri Bacardi Blanca, Watermelon Juice, Lime & Coconut
  • yuzu mule Shochu, Yuzu Sake, Lime & Ginger Beer
  • mary from japan Shochu, Tomato Juice, Lemon, Soy Sauce, Wasabi & Spices
  • kokonattsu mojito Bacardi Blanca, Lychee Liqueur, Lime, Coconut, Mint & Soda


  • cocomelon cool Watermelon Juice, Lime & Coconut
  • lychee rose lemonade Lychee Juice, Rose Syrup & Lemonade


  • izakaya chocolate explosion Ibiza Signature Dessert
  • freshly baked vanilla & yuzu madeline selection with Fruit Jam & White Chocolate Chantilly
  • chocolate snow with Honey Roasted Macadamia nuts & Vanilla Ice-cream
  • cappuccino brûlée with Suntory Whisky Foam & Coffee Meringue
  • izakaya style strawberry cheesecake with Almond Crumble & Strawberry Sake Gel
  • coconut & lemongrass sorbet with Calamansi Gel & Guava Caviar
  • frozen yoghurt with Summer Berries and Violets
  • iced fruit selection with Mochi Ice-cream




  • awashizuku sparkling 300ml, kiuchi shuzo, ibaraki, japan

    Light-sweet and sparkling with refreshing flavours and a crisp acidity.


  • ichisihma tokubetsu honjozo, ichishima shuzo, niigata, japan

    Fresh and aromatic, Sauvignon blanc style. Dried fruit and nutty aromas, depth of flavour with ricey richness and a hint of cream.

  • kizakura junmai, kizakura shuzo, kyoto, japan

    A sake to be enjoyed either warm or chilled. Slight citrus notes, clean with a hint of sweetness at the finish.


  • cocuu 12,5% 300ml, takasago shuzo, asahikawa, hokkaido, japan A lovely, accessible sweet and sour taste, like a light wine, perfect for the ladies. Medium dry, serve chilled or at room temperature
  • kokoshimuzo, takasago shuzo, asahikawa, hokkaido, japan Kokoshimuzo means “distinguished person”. It’s made using the under current water from Taisetsu Mountain, the highest peaks of Hokkaido. A meatier sake, perfectly paired with grilled fish or chicken, fatty fish.
  • “the night emperor” tokubetsu junmai, fujii shuzo, hiroshima, japan A versatile sake that goes with any meal. Soft water is used during the brewing process, and the taste of the koji and Hattan Nishiki rice is preserved.


  • fushimizu ginjo, kizakura shuzo, kyoto, japan Uplifting aromas of fresh fruits such as honeydew, strawberry and peach with a gently silky attack on the front palate and a juicy, tasty touch with a dry finish.
  • azure ginjo, tosatsuru, kochi, japan. A smooth sake with a beautiful clean finish. Brewed with the purest deep sea spring water, this sake naturally pairs well with a variety of seafood.

Junmai Ginjo

  • yanagi 300ml, tsuki no katsura, osaka, japan. An elegant, fragrant and fruity sake. Pairs beautiful with a light aperitif on a late summer evening.
  • kikusakari junmai ginjo, kiuchi shuzo, ibaraki, japan Rich and full bodied with a pleasant umami of rice, a sake with some body.
  • shukon, tedorigawa shuzo, ishikawa, japan Super dry with clean and light floral tones in the aftertaste.


  • osakaya chobei "first boss" daiginjo, ozeki, hyogo, japan.

    Smooth honeydew melon start with a thin and round finish. Velvety and quick, ending in a waterfall of flavour.

  • kikusakari daiginjo, kiuchi shuzo, ibaraki, japan

    Mild aromas of slightly sweet fruit and hints of citrus, rice and hay.

Junmai Daiginjo

  • honryu, tedorigawa shuzo, ishikawa, japan. Elegant and dry sake with fragrance of honey. This prize winning sake is brewed slowly at low temperatures.
  • dassai 39, dassai shuzo, yamaguchi, japan. A lavish nose of tropical fruit and fresh apple. Fine dry finish.


  • perrier-jouët grand brut Delicate and elegant but fresh and lively. Fresh fruits with notes of vanilla and butter. Spiralling bubbles and subtle complex flavours.
  • perrier-jouët blasón rosé Sensual freshness and full-bodied aromas of red raspberry and a light spice. Freshly crushed strawberries with citrus and earthy notes and a long, persistent finish.
  • perrier-jouët belle epoque Pale gold with bountiful tiny bubbles. Fine, well-balanced and leaves behind a sense of harmony.
  • perrier-jouët belle epoque rosé Round, rich and voluptuous, yet so delicate. Red fruits combine with blood orange and grapefruit, followed by hints of nuts, brioche, honey and caramel.
  • perrier-jouët belle epoque blanc de blancs The rarest and most previous cuvée, characterized by the purity and authenticity of the Perrier-Jouët terroir. Exuberant tropical fruit aromas and some earthiness, like a forest floor. Extremely smooth, with a round body and creamy bubbles. A solid acidity paired with discrete sugars and a long and layered finish. Delightful.
  • dom pérignon vintage 2009 Mandarin and orange peel, chalk that leads to subtle accents of crème de cassis and toasted almonds, espresso and star anise on a fine and creamy mousse followed by a nice citrusy acidity leaving a mouthwatering finish.
  • dom pérignon vintage rosé 2005 Red fruit like blood orange, a measured spicy sensation, dried raspberry, orange zest, brioche and some espresso crème flavours that ride the fine lacy mousse. Spice and mineral details persist on the racy finish.
  • krug grande cuvée Layers of biscuits, toast and hazelnuts with a touch of honey in the finish. This fully mature, full-bodied Krug is more like a white wine than a Champagne. Impressive, long finish.
  • krug rosé Surprising and extraordinary with aromas of rose hips, cured ham, mulberries, redcurrant, peony, pepper & pink grapefruit. Delicate flavours of honey, citrus & dried fruit with long ending, enhanced by its subtle bubbles.
  • louis roederer cristal 2008 Juicy, ripe fruits like pears and slightly acid red fruits like red currants, with nuances of hot pastries like tarte tatin. Silky and velvety, almost luscious.
  • louis roederer cristal rosé 2007 Elegant and deep. Bouquet of dark berries and forest fruits like blackberries and strawberries. Hints of ripe cherries, reminiscent of concentrated tangy jam. A velvety, silky and enchanting wine.
  • laurent perrier cuvée rosé brut Expressive bouquet, stemming from the careful preservation of fruit aromas during the wine making. Intensely fruity flavours, clean and slightly sharp, the wine opens to the sensation of freshly picked red berries. The finish is supple and rounded.
  • ruinart blanc de blancs Nose is powerful reminiscent of fresh fruits with notes of citrus and exotic fruits, followed by a touch of jasmine, white peach and pink peppercorns. Beautiful luminosity, rich notes of brioche, french toast, roasted almonds. Palate is supple and harmonious, notes of honey and minerals.


  • valdobbiadene prosecco superiore docg brut. fidora. veneto, italy. Elegant and rich aromas of crispy apple and pears, with hints of citrus and white flowers. Dry, mineral and fresh.
  • colet a priori brut 2016. colet vins. penedés, spain. Aromatic, fresh and elegant sparkling wine from the heart of Penedés


  • cesilia 2018. heretat de cesilia. alicante, spain. Full of expression, aromas of ripe red fruits, floral notes and creaminess, without forgetting a little trace of fresh herbs. Mouthwatering with a lovely bitterness which elongates the sensations and makes for a persistent finish.
  • m de minuty 2018 chateau minuty. côtes de provence, france. Notes of peach and candied orange. Pink grapefruit and white peach. Dry aftertaste of lemonzest.
  • château miraval 2016. côtes de provence, france. Aromas of cherries and wild strawberry, with a good minerality and a slight saltiness. Good balance between minerals and wild herbs.
  • ibizkus 2017. ibizkus. ibiza, spain. Full, lively and generous. Intense and spicy with saffron flowers, long finish. Raspberry notes, lily flowers. Creamy and round.
  • château de selle coeur de grain 2016. domaines ott. côtes de provence, france. Fresh and crisp, with fruity notes of white peach and apricots, mixed with passion fruit and mango. amplified by citrus zest and sweet spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.
  • whispering angel 2018, côte de provence, france. Aromas of crushed strawberries, peach, rose – water and orange blossom. Wonderfully dry and crisp, balanced by citrus zest acidity and a deliciously creamy finish.

Light, crisp, refreshing whites

  • verdejo 2017. bodega de alberto. rueda, spain. Zesty with zingy, dry with hints of grapefruit, fresh peach and tropical fruits.
  • pinot grigio 2017. la jara. veneto, italy. Chic and elegant, citrus and peachy notes with a hint of berries, almonds and honey.
  • riesling 2016. weingut knebel. mosel, germany. A fresh and complex wine, with peach, apple, and citric notes such as lime, and a long finish.
  • sauvignon blanc 2018. moroki. marlborough, new zealand. Flavours of Gooseberry, melon and fresh herbs. Lovely texture and rewarding finish.
  • txakolina 2017. bodega hiruzta. getariako txakolina, spain. Surprising, refreshing and lightly fizzy with flavours of ripe fruits, herbal notes and flowers.

Fruit driven and aromatic whites

  • villa blanche viognier 2018, igp pays d’oc, france Notes of white peach, apricot and varied citrus fruit. Round fruity and well balanced with superb fresh finish.
  • godello & treixedura “via arxentea” 2016. bodega manuel guerra justo. monterrei, spain. Aromatic and intense, white fruits like apple, peach and mango. Citric notes, a hint of bay leave. Well structured, round with a long finish and good acidity.
  • weisser burgunder 2015, 100 hügel. weingut wittman. rheinhessen, germany. Refreshing light citrus flavour, soft mouthful with hints of basil, mint and ripe fruit.
  • albariño 2016. adega eidos de padriñán. rias baixas, spain. Ripe stone fruits such as peaches and plums combined with the minerality characteristic to wines from the Atlantic Coast. Fresh but full-bodied with a thirst-quenching acidity on the finish.
  • pouilly fumé “les cris” 2017. domaine cailbourdin. loire, france. Saline and smokey scent true to the Fumé style, paired with green apples, gooseberries, lychee. With a dry and mineral finish.
  • soave clássico “staforte” 2016. azienda agrícola pra. veneto, italy. Lively and smooth, full of fresh fruit such as apricot, peach and crisp golden apples combined with the fragility of dried camomile and white flowers.

Smooth, silky whites

  • albariño "turonia" 2016. quinta de couselo. rías baixas, spain Award winning Albariño, mineral and slightly fruity.
  • langenloiser gruner veltliner reserve 2015. weingut loimer. kamptal, austria. “Veltlinerous” peppery spiciness combined with the juiciness of yellow apples and grapefruits, finely balanced with a harmonious acidity and dry finish.
  • sancerre 2017. domaine de villebois. loire, france. A mouthful of acacia, jasmin and young white fruits. Fresh and crispy.
  • chablis 1er cru côte de lechet 2017. domaine bernard defaix. burgundy, france. Typical notes of blue clay, spicy animal scents and grilled mineral notes. Vivacity and minerality with a round and oily finish.
  • “nine yards” chardonnay 2015. jordan. stellenbosch, south-africa. Icon wine that easily rivals best from Old World
  • belondrade y lurton 2016. belondrade. rueda, spain. A powerful nose with ripe fruit notes and sweet spices, creamy oak, fragrant herbs and mineral notes. A rich palate, flavourful but fresh with a smoky aftertaste.
  • château de beaucastel 2015. famille perrin. châteauneuf-du-pape, france. Vinified with 30% barrel, it strikes a head-turning balance between juicy, peachy fruit and breezy, floral delicacy. A wine that grows in breadth and character with every sip!

Fuller bodied richer whites

  • villa blanche chardonnay 2017. calmel & joseph. languedoc-roussillon, france. Wonderful Chardonnay with expressive stone fruit aromas. A perfect balance of freshness and roundness.
  • chenin blanc “bastingage” 2016. domaine du clos de l’elu. loire, france. Honey and nuts, apples and pears, with a dash of cream. Perfectly balancing a beautiful minerality and a nice acidity.
  • albariño “maio5” 2013. bodega lagar de costa. rias baixas, spain. Aromas of white flowers with a hint of balsamic, laurel and aniseed. Apricots and peaches fill your mouth, with a mineral finish typical from Rias Baixas.
  • condrieu “la chambée” 2016. les vins de vienne. rhône, france. Rich and opulent, with floral notes and luxurious ripe nectarines.
  • meursault “les peutes vignes” 2017. domaine frédéric magnien. burgundy, france. Freshness of citric fruits combined with hints of butter, toasted almonds and hazel nuts, with an exquisite minerality.
  • chassagne montrachet 1er cru “les baudines” 2015. domaine frédéric magnien, burgundy, france. A chic but big wine, with an aromatic complexity, buttery aromas with clove, vanilla and ripe fruits such as peach.
  • puligny montrachet 2015. olivier leflaive. burgundy, france. Rich but sophisticated wine, it expresses itself through scents of white flowers and fruits mixed in with notes of grilled hazelnut. On the palate, elegance takes over vivacity.

Fruity, light and easy drinking reds

  • mencía joven 2016. bodegas peique. bierzo, spain. Light-bodied with ripe red forest fruits accompanied by silky and soft tannins.
  • damana 5 2015. bodegas tábula. ribera del duero, spain. Harmonious balanced fresh fruit combined with spicy hints coming from the ageing in the barrel. Sweet, fresh and fruity, followed by a pleasant finish.
  • côtes du rhône “valréas” 2017. domaine du seminaire. rhône, france. Black berry and cassis along with a touch of spice, accompanied by nutty and toffee elements, a hint of prunes and an outlet of tannins.
  • valpolicella doc 2016. fidora. veneto, italy. Cherry aromas with peppery notes. Fresh with lively red fruit.
  • signature pinot noir 2015. misty cove. marlborough, new zealand. Attractive fruit intensity with subtle savoury complexity, displaying cherry, plum and nutmeg aromas.

Refined, smooth and mature reds

  • cabernet sauvignon “wild ferment” 2016. waterkloof. stellenbosch, south africa. Expressive with bright red berry notes and sublime freshness. Beautiful soft tannins well integrated with berry and chocolate flavours.
  • malbec series a 2016. zuccardi. mendoza, argentina. Intense red ripe fruits such as prunes and cherries with black pepper and tobacco. Soft and velvety entry, firm tannins with lovely juicy finish.
  • biodynamic syrah 2015. reyneke. stellenbosch, south africa. Red berry, white pepper, cinnamon, liquorice and aniseed spice.
  • valpolicella ripasso doc 2016. azienda agrícola prá. veneto, italy. Powerful and robust, aroma of red berries and ripe plum fruity. Combination of purity and opulence with spicy oak characters. Ripe fruit, spice and alpine herb notes balanced with velvety tannins, long bitter cherry and dried fruit finish.
  • “riu” 2016. trio infernal. priorat, spain. Fruity and floral aromas, a balsamic note and some spice. Mouth filling and well balanced, with a beautiful acidity and powerful but friendly tannins.
  • “tradition” 2015. domaine berthet-rayne. châteauneuf-du-pape, france. Complex with earthy tones, spicy pepper and cardamom, tobacco and leather. Full bodied and elegant and well-integrated tannins.
  • tempranillo-garnacha “vobiscum” 2014. bodegas david moreno, rioja, spain. Ripe red fruits combined with a hint of cacao and a dash of tobacco. With graceful tannins and a fine finish.
  • cariñena “fons clar” 2013. trio infernal. priorat, spain. Sublime minerality with a hint of cloves and pepper. Bold, full bodied, fruity, fresh and herby.
  • barolo docg 2014. parusso. piedmont, italy. Aromas of crushed dill, hay and a hint of orange rind. Roasted coffee bean, liquorice and confectionary. Astringent but fleeting tannins and dry finish.

Full bodied, hearty reds

  • merlot & cabernet franc “mas irene” 2015. bodegas parés balta, penedés, spain. Soft with a good structure. Intense flavor of preserved red fruit, spices and toast from the oak.
  • tinta del país crianza 2015. bodega dominio de basconcillos. ribera del duero, spain. Smooth, ripe and velvety tannins combine with strawberries and raspberries, with creamy and toasty whiffs from the oak. Long, elegant, fresh and very well balanced across the palate.
  • amarone della valpolicella docg 2010. fidora. veneto, italy. Warm and intense, with a vigorous character, ripe red plums, hints of spices and dry fruits, with a clean finish.
  • brunello di montalcino docg 2012. altesino. tuscany, italy. Earthy notes of espresso, cherries and dried cranberry, potpourri and liquorice.
  • gevrey chambertin 1er cru “cazetiers” 2013. domaine michel magnien. burgundy, france Thickly textured but delicate and supremely luxurious, floral notes and flavours like sweet red and black cherry aromas, rich with a long and soft finish.
  • château prieuré-lichine 2014, cru classé. margaux, bordeaux, france. Silky, perfumed and gracious, the wine exudes class. Sweet floral and spice notes meld into a core of red stone fruit, and silky tannins and vivid flavours lead into a creamy and inviting finish.
  • finca dofi 2014. alvaro palacios. priorat, spain. 94% Garnacha and 6% Cariñena. Impressively powerful, with a burst of black fruits, fresh, well-balanced, with a refined texture. An edge of liquorice and wild herbs adds to the very long finish.
  • château de beaucastel 2014. famille perrin. châteauneuf-du-pape, france. Expressive aromas of cherry, black raspberry, liquorice and smoky minerals, with a dark chocolate element. Flavours of dark berries, bitter cherry and candied flowers delight the palate. Powerful elegant wine, finishing with wonderful clarity, length and smooth tannins.
  • flor de pingus 2014. dominio de pingus. ribera del duero, spain. Aromas of blackberries, smoke and cedar. Round and full-bodied with firm tannins. Dried-fruit finish with smoke and berry undertones. The real deal.
  • château cos d’estournel 2011. saint-estephe, bordeaux, france. Dense, refined wine, with blueberries, black berries and spices.Full body integrated tannins and a polished texture.
  • vieux château certan 2014. pomerol, bordeaux, france. Gorgeous with black truffles, stones and subtle blackberries. Full bodied, dense and deep with very silky tannins and an endless finish. The density of fruit is superb.
  • opus one 2014. napa valley, united states. A global superstar that is beautifully full-bodied and extraordinary elegant and pure.


  • semillon “late harvest” 2010. adega aneto. douro, portugal. Complex aroma of dried fruits, apricot, honey and wild flowers. Medium sweetness and nice acidity of mature white fruits.
  • choya umeshu – plum liqueur. japan. Made from Ume Choya extra Years. Authentic Umushu with aroma of Almond
  • noto yuzu-shu, kazuma shuzo, ishikawa, japan. Sake with Yuzu, Japanese citrusfruit. Sweet and refreshing.


  • ruby reserve. quinta da prelada. douro, portugal. Fresh and vigorous, full of intense cherry and black current aromas, full-bodied palate combined with well-integrated tannins, and a long, rich, fruity finish.
  • tawny 10 years old. quinta da prelada. douro, portugal. Bright but dense, with almond and nut aroma, apricots and dates. Long finish.
  • vintage 2009. quinta da prelada. douro, portugal. Exuberant fruit, powerful dark blackberries and black currents combined with spicy herbs, coffee and cacao, and a little hint of prune.


IZAKAYA can also be experienced in the comfort of your own home, boat, office or for any other special occasion you can imagine.

The IZAKAYA sushi box includes all the high end ingredients needed to create sushi rolls, hand rolls, nigiri and sashimi for eight people or more. It’s also possible to book an IZAKAYA sushi expert to reveal the secrets of sushi and provide personal instruction.

The IZAKAYA sushi box can be ordered via or +34 871 18 25 26